Candle Filters

As extensive as Junker-candle filters are in relation to material, size- and type variations, so universal, so globe and versatile these systems can be put to use in practically every industry branch.

Specially the patented Combination Candle has the following practical advantages:

  • conical plastic clamp ring for easiest filter-sleeves fitting
  • strong star-shaped construction for automatic candle filter centering
  • increased drainage effect through current technologically optimised plastic construction
  • easy replacement through unit construction system

possible types

100% leakage free head mounted model

Practical compact system

Junker-Candle filter sleeves are available in every fabric (monofilament-, multifilament-, stable fibre tissues and their combinations) as well as needle felts of all popular syntetic fibres.

Junker Filter offers construction variations of uniform-welded as well as round-woven filter sleeves.

Special optimising features like head / bottom version and parts-specific identification are available.