Belt and Rotary Drum Filters

Junker Filter produces filter cloths for belt filters and rotary drum filters in every design for all demands.

Whereby the most varied types of fibres and fabric constructions are implemented. The design of the filtration top surface is selected to suit the customer's technological filtration requirements for his products.


  • There is a lateral tightening up of the cloth to facilitate optimal control. This warrants that the belt filter moves in a straight line.
  • The belt is homogeneously welded together into a continuous belt. This cuts out leakage at the seam closures.
  • The clipper seam can be made from a wide selection of materials in order to suit the technological challenges it will have to endure.
  • There is a laterally integrated rubber profile. It guarantees precise belt conveyance as specified for the task to hand.
  • Special designs such as a sealed zip seam can be made to customer's requirements.
  • Special fabric constructions are used for rotary drum filters. The most appropriate fabric filter construction available will be selected to suit the filtration efficiency requirements of the particular task to hand.

vacuum rotation filter

belt filter (Pannevis plant photo)