Tubing - Line

  • diverse handling opportunities like folding / laying etc...
  • flexible modular concept adaptation regarding customer demands


Responsibility station

Backup memory

  • automated lifting of material rolls
  • roll-exchange during the production process
  • upcoming roll-exchange by optical and acoustical signals

  • simple attaching of the sequence rolls during production process

  • the buffer - accumulator is used for the homogeneous, continuous process cycle during welding respectively sewing

Preform drift

Welding- / Sewequipment

  • preform with fast exchanging modules for different layout amplitudes

  • all devices carried as plug-in units

  • automatic identification of the exhibited unit

Controlpanel with Touch - Panel

Valve - off station

Fold - appliance

  • handle-friendly program surface
  • composition administration
  • parameter determination
  • automatic fold-equipment adjustment
  • draft measurement of the material qualities
  • process monitoring of the equipment
  • automatic Identification of the Exchange Kitts

  • integration of Intermediate marking on the tube / the pocket
  • laser-controlled trimming
  • connected partial displacement function

  • automatic adjustment of the fold-blades
  • connected strapping of the tubes / pockets