Tube Filter Elements

Tube filter elements from Junker Filter are made from inherently stable needle felts which warrant a high difference pressure and dimension stability through their cylindrical form without any traditional support bracket.

By producing them without sewing holes, with integrated exactly fitting head and bottom and a better on-line cleaning behavior emission values of < 1 mg/Nm³ can be reached with filter surface loadings up to 200 m³/m² h.

Easiest scrubbed or clean gas side mounting / dismounting allows it to ready the modules in shortest time.

head and bottom form

module installable on
crude gas side

clean gas side installation


The following filter media are available:

  • inherently stable needle felts
  • standard nonwoven filament web
  • special designs - laminated PTFE membrane for surface filtration
  • special designs - antistatic or flame-retarding equipment
  • BIA-categories U,S,G,C