Flat Filter Elements

Flat filter elements from Junker Filter for pneumatic dedusting-capable filter systems in dust extraction installations are setting new standards in filtration performance.

The consistent continuos development of the head mounting geometry with integrated ventury nozzle produces outstanding filtration performance with emission values of less than 1 mg/Nm³ - and thus more efficiency for you. The replaceable seal allows vertical installation on the crude gas as well as clean gas sides.

Junker flat filter elements are available in all standard dimensions as well as special dimensions.

venturi head

replaceable seal

flat filter element

The following filter media are available:

  • inherently stable needle felts
  • standard nonwoven filament web
  • special designs - laminated PTFE membrane for surface filtration
  • special designs - antistatic or flame-retarding equipment
  • BIA-categories U,S,G,C