Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges from Junker Filter are the versatile quality filter system for "1001" uses in modern filtration technology.

These proven replaceable filters with a filtering surface of 0,1 to 20 m² allow either crude or clean gas-side installation and are available for pneumatic or mechanical cleaned dedusting applications.

All Junker Filter cartridges are suitable for internal or external pressurisation in accordance with their design. The performance profile as well as attachment systems are designed according to customer specifications.

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changeable cartridges

cartridges with special fittings

some examples

cartridges with metal support

The following filter media are available:

  • inherently stable needle felts
  • standard nonwoven filament web
  • special designs - laminated PTFE membrane for surface filtration
  • special designs - antistatic or flame-retarding equipment
  • BIA-categories U,S,G,C