Crosswise Filter Elements

Compared to the "classical" pneumatically dedusted pocket filter systems, Junker Filter crosswise filter elements offer higher filter performance at a reduced horizontal installed surface area - a result achieved by the clever self-supporting chamber-type construction of the integrated filtering surface without metal supporting members.

Emission values of less than 1 mg/Nm³ and a long service life are easily achieved. In addition, filtering surfaces of 0,3 to 10 m² as well as special individual dimensions are available.

All crosswise filter elements from Junker Filter are equipped with integrated venturi nozzles and replaceable seals.

venturi head

replaceable seal

flat filter element

The following filter media are available:

  • inherently stable needle felts
  • standard nonwoven filament web
  • special designs - laminated PTFE membrane for surface filtration
  • special designs - antistatic or flame-retarding equipment
  • BIA-categories U,S,G,C