ACHEMA 2009 as stepping stone for Junker Filter

New drive for Junker Filter, Casaprotect and staff members

The 29th exhibition congress for chemical technique, environmentalism and bio-technology took place in Frankfurt am Main from the 11th to the 15th of Mai 2009.

There, new trends out of research and technique within and for the chemical industry, grocery- and pharmaceutical-technique as well as related trades get discussed and introduced to the market. The amazement after the disclosure regarding the visitor congestion was huge.

Already after the first three exhibition days, we were able to document a high number of visitors. Our staff was impressed about the quality of the managed expert discussions, especially in matters to the enormous interest for our product novelty within the range of compact- and liquid separation:

!Our new generation of drip-compact filter cloths!

Further displays of our products from the area solid-liquid separation - among others the traditional filter cloth and candle filters - and filter bags for dust filtration, sparks high interest by visitors.

The functionality of BEGA = biological-electrical gas cleaner, for simultaneous separation of dust and odours (VOCs) by the combination of electrical precipitator and biofilter, could be explained very well by the design model.

Students of process engineering listened to the technical explanations of our R&D and appreciated the time our staff spend to introduce our products and procedure to the youth.

Further general impressions of Junker Filter GmbH at the ACHEMA 2009.