As a company in the area of environmental technology Junker Filter faces its responsibility for clima protection and for the next generation. In the years 2009 / 2010 a completely new innovative energy system was build at the german production location in Sinsheim, including:

  • geothermal energy
  • photovoltaics
  • heat recovery
  • measures for heat insulation

Through the implementation of renewable energy sources and as a consequence completly resigning from fossil fuels, the alternative combined energy system influence strongly the reduction of CO2 emission.

Objectives and Motivation

  • resignation from fossil fuels oil, gas, carbon
  • support the reduction of CO2 emission and climate change
  • preparation to prospective legal restrictions with regard to:
    • eco tax
    • reduction of heating oil expanses
    • reliability to set a good example as an internation growing company in the area of environmental protection

Winner of the Energy Masters Award 2011

Pictures of the event