Junker-Filter GmbH

Since mid 50s Junker-Filter GmbH is succesful within the branch filtering mediums for dust filtration and solid/liquid separation.

We number well-known companies among our longterm and continuous growing customer base from the following industries.

  • Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food processing industry and beverages
  • Power generation and dust seperation
  • Steel + Metal + Metallurgy
  • Automotive industry
  • Municipal and industrial waste water treatment
  • Recycling
Intensive research and development characterizes our work, whereby the existent chain of custody continue to develop procedual and new products supplement the actual product portfolio. Of particular importance are
  • tailor-made filter concepts for state-of-the-art dust filtration our contribution to the maintenance of a clean environment
  • implementation of practical concepts and new technologies in solid-/liquid separation as well as in residue treatment
  • new development of the patent-registered system "BEGA" = Biological-Electrical Gas Cleaner, which sets a new procedual standard for reducing odors and for the degradation performance of VOC
Junker Filter offers a wide range of service and maintenance works around filter technology. We are the best contact, no matter whether you are planning new filter concepts or improving existing filter systems. Furthermore
  • Flexibility
  • Know-how
  • continous innovation
  • uncompromising quality
completes our profile