Reduction of limescale deposit

The double chamber system of CASAPROTECT® works with two fields, whose power is fully automated adapted to the water hardness.

The electrical control unit of CASAPROTECT® records permanently the conductance of the water and provides the optimum performance for the treatment.

In the process crystallite are formed, just a couple of μm big (thousandth mm). Those tiny particles do not develop to solid lime crystals and therefore can not adhere and build incrustration.

In the water these particels rest hidden and are rinsed. 

Limescale spots due to evaporation can be cleaned with a wet cloth. This effect of limescale stabilization lasts approx. 3 days respectively for a pipeline of 500m.

Thus all components such as pipes, valves, pumps, fittings and so forth, through which water treated by CASAPROTECT® flows are protected against limescale deposit.

The respective quality of water fully remains, as well as all mineral properties of water after installation of a CASAPROTECT® - devise.

Removal of old incrustation

CASAPROTECT® removes old incrustation in pipe systems.

This effect occurs through the increased dissolving power of the water after many christallite have been formed in the treated water.

The abrasion happens slowly and without impairing the quality of the water. Reduced water pressure prior to installation of CASAPROTECT® increases noticeable.

Assistance of building a protective coating

CASAPROTECT® treated water supports the formation of anti-corrosion coating on metal surfaces through which water flows.

Those protective coating adhere and therefore reduce corrosion.