What happens to the particularities of the water ?
The respective quality of water fully remains after installation of a CASAPROTECT® - devise. CASAPROTECT® effects that lime rests in abeyance and does not disappear. All minerals stay in the water.

How quick does rusty water disappear ?
As incrustation are removed slowly, respectively protection coating is build steadily coloured water might flow out of the water pipes for a couple of weeks.

Afterwards the discoloring of the water disapears. The more water flows during that time, the faster this effect occurs. Rarely used taps should be opend all three days for a couple of minutes.

Are also old incrustations removed and how does it work in old buildings ?

CASAPROTECT® effects formation of multiple lime micro-crystals and related to water flow rate incrsutations in the pipe are removed. The duration of abrasion depends on the velocity and flow rate of the water, as well as of the width of the pipe.

As CASAPROTECT® does not solubilize substances a few particles from the incrustation can accummulate at the aerator, this normally happens within the first 6 months.

Those can easily be washed out. (This also proofs the efficacy of abrasion.)

What needs to be considered concerning hot water tanks ?

In case the hot water tank (boiler) has not been cleaned for a while, it is recomanded to clean it at the time of bringing CASAPROTECT® into service, but latest after 6 months of operation.

There might be incrustation in the tank, respectively deposit of residues from removed incrustations in a hot water circulation.

What happens after removal of incrustations, respectively in new pipes ?

Lime micro-crystals formed by CASAPROTECT® build an anti-corrosion coating of metal-carbonate. This protective coating is adhesive and reduces corrosion. Protective coating is build on all clear metal surfaces through which water flows.

Why should lime powder be cleaned within three days?

Through evaporation of water powdery limescales can occur on the surfaces of the fittings and the washing basin. Exposed to air those harden after approx. three days.
Therefore fittings, shower, tiles and so forth need to be cleand with a wet cloth regularly (all 3 - 4 days).

Are blocked shower heads and aerators a thing of the past?

After installation of a CASAPROTECT®-device, basically no lime incrustation appear on shower heads and aerators. In old buildings a temporary accumulation of particles in the aerator might occur due to remove of old incrustation. In this case it is sufficient to wash out the aerators.