Against rust! Against incrustation!
Against limescale deposit!
For protection and decontamination

The display shows:

  • the conductance in mS/cm as total of the aquatic soluted mineral salt and the water flow
  • the frequency in Hz for the number of alternating current impulses released into the water
  • the operating hours
  • the intensity of the treatment in %
The electrical control unit:
  • records permanently the conductance and optimizes the performance of the treatment
  • is self-monitoring and potential errors will appear in plain text flashing on the display. Device continues to work at breakdown.
The electrodes:

are made of stainless steel. The chambers are protected by outer electrodes.

The double chamber:

Treatment results in both treatment chambers from two series connected electrical fields.


consists of 2 series à 6 types from 1/2" to 2" (type 15 to 50) and Casaprotect® CD

Type Casaprotect® standard and GIT

Depending on the place of installation, a one-piece
(type S) or two-piece device (Type GIT) is suitable. Casaprotect® GIT (see fig.) solves this problem by seperating the mechanic for mounting into the water pipe and the electronic for wall fastening.

Type Casaprotect® CD

The compact design of Casaprotect® CD allow the mounting with or without a standard manually operated back-flushing filter by mounting it on a universal muff.