Prevention of contamination

CASAPROTECT® AGIL devices, commence operation following the automatic suction intake of a dilute salt solution (< 0.7%) and produce the disinfecting agent.

Characteristics of the disinfecting agent are to destroy fast and sustainable all occuring

  • germs
  • viruses
  • bacteria, especially legionella
  • fungi

Even if it comes to a downtime of the device, the germ killing characteristics remain for a couple of weeks. A further attribute of the disinfectanct agent is the efficiency in the whole drinking water pipeline system - hot and cold water lines are both covered - up to the point of use . Those are reliable protected against new and retrograde infestation of water pipeline systems.

The decay products leave behind no residue; all that is produced is water, hydrogen and oxygen. So wastewater and thus the environment are not polluted. The disinfectant agent is designed to be pH-neutral and does not change the pH-value of the potable water.

Decomposition of the biofilm

AGIL succesfully degrades the biofilm and removes the microbial contamination. The efficacy is given in hot as well as in cold water lines.

The disinfectant agent is suitable for emergency procedure to remove existing germs and biomasses. It is also suitable for prevention and reliable protection against new and retrograde infestation of water pipeline systems.

Only determining factor is the concentration of the disinfection agent.

Measurable reduction of legionella

Unlike convential media on the basis of:

  • aldehydes
  • halogamines
  • hypochlorite
  • peracids
  • quaternary ammonium-compounds (QAC)
  • and other synthetic disinfection agents

the active components do not belong to the xeno-biotic group of substances. The active components are metastable and do permanently disturb the thermionic transport mechanism of microorganisms.


  • Improvement of drinking water quality, hence achieving standards of the Drinking Water Ordinance
  • Reduction of contamination and biofilm
  • Protection from bacterial regrowth
  • No formation of resistance
  • Prevention of health hazard

CASAPROTECT® AGIL procedure is characterized by:

  • interactive membranes and modules of absolute cleanliness
  • individually controllable process parameters
  • composition of a metastable anodic agent with disinfectant property (Anolyte) at neutral pH-value
  • increase of the energy impact in the modules through a physiological sodium chloride solution
  • environmental protection as no metered addition of chemicals is required - "green" technique
  • low cost of maintenance