Against germs ! Against viruses ! Against legionella !
Prevenetion - Decomposition - Decontamination

With CASAPROTECT AGIL we offer a disinfectant, applicable in the whole drinking water pipeline (warm/cold) to the point of use, protecting those from contamination.

Using AGIL neither impacts smell nor taste of drinking water and can be used for fire fighting measure, as well as for protection and prevention, in compliance with the prescriptive limits of the drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV 2001).

AGIL is a "green" technique, no metered addition of chemicals is required. Due to low cost of maintenance our system is suitable for continous use.

Fields of application for AGIL
- hospitals
- nursing homes
- hotels
- industry

AGIL effects
- Improvement of drinking water quality
- hence achieving standards of the drinking water ordinance

AGIL achieves
- reduction of contamination and biofilm
- protection from bacterial regrowth, without formation of resistance
- prevention of health hazard

The display:

constantly shows the actual operating state (in plaintext)

an electrical control unit controls and monitors all procedures and workflow incl. external equipment